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Hiring is a long and tedious process for both employer and the prospective employee. Don’t you come across tons of flashy and sugarcoated profiles every now and then? Trust us, it’s not just you!

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Hiring couldn't be better!
Eazyy Hiring
We’re here to cut short the elaborate hiring process to 2 tiny steps for you. Tell us who you want and let us source the perfect candidates for you! We will support you through hiring, onboarding and beyond.
Simpler Exits
Save yourself forever from the hassle of giving out a employee review or reference check to any agency ever. Store your reviews on the elaborate database that we’re building at heiphen and be a part of the Revolution.
Hassle free Ref-check
Get Heiphen profiles of the job applicants and find all you need to know about them at one place. From their qualifications to their experience, get verified details on one single page.
Effortless Certifications
Make your organisation’s Certificates credible by giving them out via Heiphen. We’ll make them verifiable and indispensabe forever!


Opportunities Shared


Candidates Hired


Sign up as an organization

From the top right corner on your dashboard, Add your organization to the ever growing community of Heiphen. You will need to submit a proof of verification to be able to use all our features that will make life easier fot you!


Share your requirements

Tell us what you want, we will understand your goals and team dynamics, and recognize what a quality employee means to you. We will then secure you the best candidates from a community of 7000+!


Sourcing interested candidates from Heiphen community

We will then secure you the best candidates from a community of 7000+! Within days, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. You can choose from multiple options and packages we offer.


Initial Shortlisting

We can either share the raw applicants, or help you with shortlisting as well. We will select out the best fit candidates for your organization, on the basis of the requirements shared by you!


Conduct interviews

Get deeper insights into your candidates with less effort, that too under your budget! We can help you with scheduling interviews and setting up calls. All the support you need while selecting the best ones, we’re here!


Hired with Heiphen!

All the support from Heiphen and voila! you have your next great employee. Amazing talent is just a click away, you just need to come to the right location (us)!

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