The Right Way To Deal With Negative Feedback- Heiphen
Mar 20

Monday morning, you’re all set to open your laptop, check out the pending files but your boss summons you for some out-of-nowhere feedback. Sounds scary - isn't it?

Long story short, we avoid people who give us negative feedback.

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The Right Way To Deal With Negative Feedback- Heiphen

Monday morning, you’re all set to open your laptop, check out the pending files but your boss summons you for some out-of-nowhere feedback. Sounds scary - isn't it?

Long story short, we avoid people who give us negative feedback.

So, does negative feedback from your boss always mean you are about to lose your job? Well, rarely! If your manager wanted to fire you they would just fire you. Instead, they criticized you and told you your pain points. That's a good sign!

To the people who always need to be right and the ones who always think they are right. Both problems can be addressed if you just listened to constructive criticism.

We’re often coached on how to give feedback, but no one tells us how to hear feedback and actually appreciate it (or at least hear it and not feel like a crumbling cookie).

Tips To Deal With Negative Feedback

Don’t Let the Negativity Consume You

You’re thrilled about your new dress and receive plenty of compliments. But that one negative remark on social media and suddenly you’re on pins and needles!

Negative feedback has a much bigger impact on our thoughts and behaviors than neutral or positive ones. Thanks to the brain, yet again.

Instead of walking around your idea of - “I cannot get better than this”, adopt a growth mindset. How you interpret challenges, setbacks and criticism is up to you. Be open to new ideas and learning and see negative feedback as opportunities!

If you are trying to adopt a growth mindset by feedback culture in your organization, make sure to provide the right tool to check for authentic reviews only.

Well, Heiphen for rescue!

Heiphen India provides you with a platform for such reviews under a single shareable profile. Heiphen’s user-friendly and open-to-feedback approach can work wonders for your company.

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Ask Questions

It is okay to ask for help and support.

Sudden negative feedback can leave you puzzled and curious. Schedule a meeting with the feedback-giver, come prepared with questions to help you better understand the feedback, or which points you could improve on. Ask thoughtful (not defensive) questions in search of clarification.

Can my review at Heiphen India be misleading? We doubt that!

Reviews are the biggest source of social proof and Heiphen delivers only real profiles. From workplace ethics to domain knowledge, Heiphen evaluates you on a wide variety of skills, reflecting your true self. Every review on Heiphen is passed through an AI model to make sure it's authentic and appropriate.

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Work Towards It

“My former boss told me - Don’t bring me complaints, bring me solutions.”

The manager will most likely appreciate your meaningful actions on his criticism rather than see you apologize every time.

Once you have detected your pain points and planned out a strategy, share it with your team, especially the feedback giver. Tell them the ways you can address the ongoing problem. This will not only help you highlight your leadership skills but they might also have further ideas you may not have considered.

And in the end, it's a win-win situation!

Ignore Doubtful Sources

It is common for you to experience low self-esteem when you get to hear tough feedback in public about yourself or when you are criticized in a way that other team members are not.

If you find some parts of the feedback triggering, get started with these steps:

Do you trust the manager?

If he/she was seeking what was best but was unable to reach you privately?

Approach the manager afterward to explain that you don’t mind feedback however, you don’t appreciate the tone.

Focus on a good conversation to confront the problem

There can occur a situation where people with negative agendas are the first to offer feedback, for example, a boss who has completely unachievable expectations who projects his issues onto you.

It’s hard to know what is real and what should be filtered out.

But with Heiphen - not anymore! Heiphen India is here to clear out fake reviews.

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How to NOT Deal With Critics People who typically cannot take criticism tend to be the loudest. Here are 7 responses that can make things go downhill for you.

“I’m awful, I don’t deserve working here.” - Victimizing yourself

“It’s really not such a big deal” - Acting ignorant

“No, I don’t think I do that!” - Denial

“The problem is with the people around me” - The Blame Game

“Why are you not pointing out X for doing it”- Counterattacking

“Oops, I’m such a jerk” - Acting funny

“I’ve asked others and they don’t agree with your statement” - Invalidating the feedback

What Is Worse Than Critical Feedback? No Feedback at All.

Remember that you’re not alone. Everyone has been in the same position, too.

It is you who has to choose between being bitter or better!

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