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According to Forbes, 53 percent of workers are unhappy in their current jobs, and nearly 70 percent of workers feel disengaged from the work they do. So is your workplace also just a burden where you barter your skills for money?

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These 5 questions will help you choose a healthy organization!

According to Forbes, 53 percent of workers are unhappy in their current jobs, and nearly 70 percent of workers feel disengaged from the work they do. So is your workplace also just a burden where you barter your skills for money?

It is that time of your career when you will have to focus on overall development rather than just bagging a job in any organization.

Ask these 5 questions to check whether the workplace you are joining or currently associated with is healthy or not!

Does the workplace support a healthy mindset?

“I did more than the job description and wasn’t recognized for it.”

According to the Limeade 2020 employee care report, 1 in 5 people left a job because their workplace did not support their well-being.

With increased challenges, the problem of overburdened employees worsens. Is too much of a competitive environment at a workplace bad for you?

Well, not necessarily. Flexibility is the key. An organization that celebrates small victories of its employees and encourages time management tends to have a happier and more successful working staff. With the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, mental and physical wellbeing is at a critical stage. So before you join your dream job, make sure a work-life balance prevails at your workplace!

Will I get adequate training and learning opportunities?

Amazon prepays 95% of tuition for employees at fulfillment centers to take courses in in-demand fields. “We want our employees to be owners from day one,” says Teal Pennebaker, corporate communications manager, “so we train them to take ownership over products and services that impact millions of customers. This helps them pioneer a career at Amazon.” Fascinating, isn’t it?

Here are some of the methods by which other companies provide their training to the employees:

On-the-job learning

Mentoring schemes

In-house training

Individual study

Look for a company that helps you build your skills and knowledge, and nevertheless, training and learning programs for employees form an integral part of the overall success.

Will my seniors be the mentors I need?

If you think that the tyranny of overpowering seniors is pretty much demolished now, beware! There are still toxic workplaces and ‘Bad bosses’, which may lead to a traumatic experience.

Organizations that face hardships tend to foster more negative managers. Often they turn a blind eye towards the ongoing issues in their department.

On the other hand, Workplace studies also consistently show that many employees would happily forgo a bonus cheque in favor of a public pat on the back from the boss.

Mentoring not only nurtures fresh talent but being surrounded by good seniors improves staff morale and motivation. Trust, mutual respect, and communication are what keep the environment positive. So make sure that you choose an organization with supportive seniors to glide your way to the top!

Is there an option of working from home?

Telecommuting employees are 20-25% more productive than their office counterparts.

If you are a person who prefers time flexibility and less commute stress, then a workplace supporting WFH feature is for you!

Covid-19 has prompted a lot of companies to shift their work online, and work from home is a foreseeable future for the experts. When your company hires people to work from home, it promotes socioeconomic and geographic diversity and employs teammates of talented native backgrounds. Apart from being safe from the pandemic, studies show that remote work helps you become more independent and proactive. To conclude, the work-from-home feature as a workplace trend is a hit among the employees as well as the employers!

Is the HR department easily accessible?

Lately, the term HR has broadened from hiring, checking annual pay reviews, and dismissing people to maintaining employee engagement and productivity. Workplace accessibility is not only limited to the new hires but also the existing workers.

From a recent interview, an employee quotes, “After I was forced out of my company for filing a complaint of sexual harassment, I read that some HR people make above $75,000 a year which might explain why they are such sell-outs.”

When the employees do not feel supportive or given adequate opportunities, they are bound to feel demotivated. This can be changed via a dedicated human resources team. However, suppose your workplace does not have an effective HR team to bridge communication gaps. Your organization’s strategy will be affected in that case, and you may have to go through a good amount of struggles to communicate your feedback.


As Michael Tews, author and an associate professor at Penn State University, says, "With most management tactics, there are always going to be pros and cons. There is never going to be a perfect workplace, there is never going to be a perfect management intervention, so you will have to choose your battles."

A job that you are passionate about, along with a company that supports you in all forms, will boost your mental and physical being. So choose your work wisely and watch your Mondays turn into a playday!

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