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“I am tired of LinkedIn. I just cannot find any genuine opportunities. All I can see is a pool of useless posts.”

“There’s much crap on LinkedIn these days.”

“The race of keeping yourself up to date on the platform is just so exhausting.”

Heiphen solves problems that linkedin has created


“I am tired of LinkedIn. I just cannot find any genuine opportunities. All I can see is a pool of useless posts.”

“There’s much crap on LinkedIn these days.”

“The race of keeping yourself up to date on the platform is just so exhausting.”

Crossing the line between sharing your achievements and bragging to arouse envy, it is time that we take a look into the sprawling world of LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn the new controversial zone?

As soon as you open your LinkedIn feed, you get spammed with multiple job postings. Around 70% of these job openings, you find out, are not listed on any job site. Are they authentic? Mostly not. LinkedIn was never about jobs; it was about building connections, networking, and finding genuine, trustworthy opportunities. Alas, overcrowding has somehow messed up this ideal base of LinkedIn.

Consider this example; If I have ten people in an empty room, it will give me enough space to interact and form a professional network with each one of them. But if I have to get to know and develop relations with 100 people in the same room, it will become difficult and grueling. Amidst narrowing down my priorities, I would never know if I missed a meaningful connection. This is the case of LinkedIn at present.

“I made a LinkedIn account because I was told I should have one.

I don’t really update it or use it very often. It exists just for the sake of having a professional network account.”

With more than half of the active users on LinkedIn adding requests just for the sake of increasing numbers on their profile, the entire notion of forming a genuine professional network is at stake. Many of us don’t prefer being flooded with professional news and the job status of our connections. All we need is a trusted medium that can provide us accurate information about our individual professional needs.

Here are some of the most significant reasons why LinkedIn has become frustrating, tiresome, and boring -

The internet is forever!

“This is something your boss sees, your future boss, people you want to work with in the future. It’s as close to your permanent record as you can get.”

Dan Roth

(LinkedIn’s Editor In Chief )

Every post you interact with, every activity you do on the platform is recorded. Therefore, constantly being watchful while using LinkedIn heavily filters your personality: a bane for employees and employers.

How many times have you wanted to post on LinkedIn but have taken a backseat due to the fear of being judged as ‘non-professional’? How many times have you ended up sharing viral trash posts which claim to be motivational?

The majority of LinkedIn users, at 61%, are 25-34 years old. An age group where you should be maintaining a stand-out personality, are you sure you want to be surrounded by judgemental bots?

Scams and Spams

linkedin spams that are not on heiphen
Linkedin Scams

Two thousand people are giving away their phone numbers on a public platform. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many attempts to mislead people who desperately need a job.

LinkedIn is used in 56% of the top phishing emails, and the platform itself is a spam garden. Random annoying texts are making it lose its value. While LinkedIn does provide a premium feature for verifying individuals, yet it is not difficult to slip past and make fake identities. A little money is invested, and the scammers are ready to go. Many inappropriate requests get mixed up with the valuable ones that make the environment a junk platform.

Despite efforts by the LinkedIn Security Department, this problem will prevail since the internet is littered with dishonest people(just like the actual world). Weed through the positive spam messages and look out for fake profiles. You have to be extra careful if you want to be an avid user of the platform.

Heavy time consumption

Create a profile, connect with people you know and trust, and maybe someday a job offer will come your way!

Well, this vision is way more demanding than it sounds. Linkedin is a rat race where people are willing to pull you down any time of the day. So when it comes to establishing connections and getting conversations started, you will have to spare a reasonable amount of time. From opening introductions, following threads, contributing to groups, and highlighting your presence – it is a tedious path to follow. You will find people who spam with copied messages and put up irrelevant posts, but they are mostly ignorant when it comes to interacting. So before you imagine building a great profile, brace yourself; to get the hang of it, you will need to invest time and effort.

To sum up, LinkedIn is not dead; it has just shifted from its objective. It used to be a user-friendly, easy way of networking and finding jobs, but now it is just a money-making model where people search for jobs (but not quickly, haha). With the mass adoption of the platform, the purpose of making a professional network is losing its relevance. It is high time that we find another trusted medium, where our potential is recognized, and there is not too much ‘noise’!

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