Are Resumes Old School?
Mar 20
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Are Resumes Old School- Heiphen

So you’re a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail? Great.

Too bad your resume is being evaluated by someone who has seen hundreds of such ‘perfectionists’ throughout his career.

Okay let’s rephrase it to - can write good code for good money
At least it's not a lie. Who knows, someone might just believe it.

Times are changing, perhaps at a faster pace than at any time in history due to technological advances but again, what was the purpose of a resume?

To cut through some admin filters who think that matching keywords in a resume is a surefire way to find the perfect candidate? Well, a few Google searches and anyone can throw buzzwords alongside a few stats. It’s not a big deal.

Resumes are old school and most of them hit the wastebasket very rapidly. Here are some reasons Why Resumes No Longer Cut it.

Your Resume is Boring (just like everyone else’s)

Great communicator, excellent verbal skills, detail-oriented.

We’re done with these universal statements and so are the hiring managers. While looking for the ideal candidates, companies require cover letters, essays, personal websites, portfolios and so much more. If you see yourself as a potential employee who wants to learn new skills, your resume will never be able to showcase this go-getter attitude. In the end, we’re all attracted to creative minds and a resume just feels like a boring label.

They’re Cumbersome

It is no longer a secret that a resume slows the process down. Find the right layout, create several drafts then constantly update it with the latest information. Is it worth all the time and effort?
Professional workers don’t want to be bothered, neither do freelancers. There is a chance your resume is ignored or thrown away simply because it couldn’t catch the eye of the hiring manager while skimming through a whole stack of resumes. You’re not getting rejected, you’re just never getting past the AI filters where manual labor isn’t feasible. The system is exhausting and maybe resumes are the main reason.

They’re Suffocating

Case 1: While desperately trying to stick to a single-page resume, chances are that you end up cramming as much content as you can in a very untidy way. You had 7 seconds to shoot your shot in front of the hiring manager. It was difficult to read and your resume barely got a glance.
Case 2: You start explaining something at length and you have a possibility of getting rejected, literally because of word choice.

So, Where Do We Go From Here?
Sure, the system is broken -- let’s accept it and figure out how to deal with the situation.

Invest in Relationships

Ever felt like everybody is hiring but nobody is getting hired – That doesn’t make sense right?
There’s a difference between what you are hearing about jobs versus what is actually happening. The jobs are probably getting filled via internal references.
But then how do you land an interview if you don’t cut the chase? Networking.
When people start noticing you, it opens a plethora of opportunities. They can help you manage your challenges, be it via financial support, career advice or simply referring you to relevant job vacancies. Having and maintaining a strong network is important. So get on social media, then once you’re on there, market yourself to build your network (Randomly spamming “Connect” on LinkedIn doesn’t count).

Put Up a Show

You’re a web developer? Curate a mock website.
You’re a designer? Showcase your portfolio.
You’re a sales analyst? Create a presentation about how you will reach the target.

Present some tangible samples of your profile. Just start somewhere. The results will be worth it. Show the recruiter what you can actually do, not what you claim you can do. You've got to work hard and smart to go that extra mile - the more details, the better is your chance of landing an interview.

Showcase Your Reviews - With Heiphen

Despite having your resume, often a hiring manager will make an inquiry with a trusted person for a reference check. It’s a pulse check with people you have worked with before.

There are a number of questions that can pop up-

Is the candidate credible?

How did the candidate perform in his last job?

What kind of work ethics did the candidate portray?

Ever wondered if there was an organized way of carrying out reference checks?

Heiphen - To The Rescue!

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Authenticity? Well, Heiphen India delivers only real profiles. Every review on Heiphen is passed through an AI model to make sure it's verifiable and appropriate. Share your Heiphen India profile with the recruiter and stand out from the crowd. Your journey from a candidate to hired - with Heiphen!

What is in Store For 2022?

Since the industry can't figure out a better method of hiring, resumes are still going to stay in the market. At some point in your job search process, the officials will need your resume, so you’d better have one.

But is resume a poor way of predicting the candidate’s potential? Definitely.

So ditch your obsession with resumes and replace it with something better because a resume won't get you the job, it will just assist you in the further stages of the hiring process.

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