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Heiphen is a sponsor of Google DSC RTU almost since I started my term as a Lead, and I must say that we had a great experience with the platform as well as the team. The Heiphen team is really supportive and has helped us in every milestone of our journey.

Shubham Gautam


We at HeekEntertainment AdTech Private Limited have been using Heiphen from the past 3 months to hire young employees/interns and get their past reviews easily on Heiphen. Absolutely love the platform, onboarding was super easy and smooth. It's a must try for all the employers and employees.

Prafulla Kumar Jha

Co-founder, HeekEntertainment AdTech Pvt Ltd

Heiphen showed sheer interest in helping the dev community by organizing and sponsoring several quiz sessions in the Android Bootcamp for 700 people. With their help, developers were able to further explore and expertize in their fields.

Girish Garg

President, Codechef IEMK Chapter

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